Well, this is me. I'm obviously a photographer that's hiding behind a camera for this cheesy photo, but hey, this was taken about 7 years ago and I'm not a fan of getting my photo taken so it's as good as it gets for now.

I started this business late in 2008 or early 2009, it's kind of fuzzy. I took off traveling for two years in 2010 and came back to my home town of Kelowna in 2012, a much better photographer. Ok, well I did come back a better person I like to think. 

Showcase Photography really began at this time, in 2012, upon my return where I dove into Photography and Video services and in 2015, added aerial services. This helped grow my company rapidly to where I shot for over 70 agents at one point. 

Something had to give and with the rapid increase in competition, I needed to stand out in the crowd and at the same time, decrease my workload as I swear to this day is the reason I started going grey! 

Photography was the one thing I was extremely passionate about and it seemed to take a back seat over the years. I immediately dove into the world of high end interiors photography, implemented into my business model and the rest is history.

Today, my clients would tell you that I offer the highest quality interiors photography and video productions for Real Estate in the Okanagan Valley. Really, I think they would, you can call them. 

I also branched out in 2019 and launched a new company under my name where I focus on shooting high end luxury interiors for Designers, Builders and Architects. 


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