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In 2009 I began researching real estate marketing in different parts of the world, mainly Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. I lived in Australia during 2010 and during that time my eyes were opened to an exciting new medium being used which was HD Videos of properties for sale. Each video made me feel as though I were watching a movie trailer they were put together so well with the realtor acting in them and doing voice over tours through the home. It made me feel something each time I saw one. It sparked an emotion inside of me. As a real estate photographer myself it made me realize that the market was evolving into a whole new way and it was only a matter of time before everyone was wanting professional real estate videos to sell their homes.

Back in Canada statistics have been shown that over 50% of households Canada wide have at least one computer and 75% of households living within 300km of the US border have computers connected to the internet. This is an incredible statistic for Real Estate marketing online. Not to mention almost everyone’s cell phones have data plans and full internet access on the go!! This is so exciting to know that almost everyone looking for a new home today turns to the internet as their first choice. Why leave the house to grab a magazine or newspaper where the news is already old by the time it hits the shelf? The internet is live, instantly giving more details than any newspaper or magazine could ever give. Now I’m not saying that magazines are done with because it’s nice to have one in your hands sometimes, but they cannot show you one thing that the internet can….High Definition Video.

Most companies that are providing HD Video service in the USA and Australia are charging between $500-$1,000 for a video depending on which package you select. The problem associated with video is that it’s time consuming to create and that will never change meaning it will cost you more up front for marketing costs. Video is not everything but when combined with quality images for web and print, it’s the best possible marketing dollars a realtor can get.

Showcase Photography’s video format combines an intro which showcases the surrounding lifestyle attractions and amenities followed by an optional on camera introduction to the property by the realtor who then leads you into a tour of the home featuring a voice guided tour with professional background music.

If you would like more information on how we can provide video and professional photography for one of your listings, please contact us for a quote.