Copyrights, Rights and Restrictions

Realtor packages: All photographs and video produced by Showcase Photography Ltd. and Matt Van Emmerik may be used for advertising purposes only by the current listing Real Estate Agent and only for the term of the agreement between the listing Real Estate Agent and property owner. The usage license allows use of the imagery for all marketing associated with the current sale of the property in accordance with the local MLS rules. Please note that the photos and video footage will be copyrighted by Showcase Photography Ltd and Matt Van Emmerik, and a Realtor usage license is granted only to the Real Estate Agent and NOT to any third party for any other reason. Client is solely responsible for all imagery and content posted in print or any website and will hold Showcase Photography Ltd. and Matt Van Emmerik harmless for any claims, damages, or legal proceedings that may arise from the use of the images.

Commercial Usage: Any Builder, Contractor, Interior Designer, who uses Showcase Photography Ltd. services is granted a commercial rights and usage license and may use the imagery for a limited time for marketing their own services. These images may NOT be shared with any third parties such as Subcontractors or Realtors etc. All imagery will be copyrighted by Showcase Photography Ltd. and Matt Van Emmerik. A license for use will be granted only to the client (buyer of services) and not to any third party without express written consent by Showcase Photography Ltd. and Matt Van Emmerik. Unauthorized use of the imagery is a violation of Canadian Copyright Laws and is subject to legal action and monetary penalties.

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