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Showcase Photography & Videography is the premier provider of real estate and architectural imaging services in Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley.


My name is Matt Van Emmerik and I am the founder and name behind Showcase Photography Ltd. I have been providing Professional Photography and Video Production services in Kelowna since 2008.  

I grew up in West Kelowna which is where my passion for the outdoors and love of all things nature began. My first camera was a Kodak 4000 disc camera back in 1982 at the age of 10. I couldn’t afford the expensive discs it took so I would often pretend to take pictures with it instead.

My first paid job was to photograph a wedding in 1993 at the age of 21. I pursued this for a few years and realized weddings were not for me. In 1998 I went to school for Graphic Design and worked 12 years designing high end wine labels, logos and graphics for all areas of marketing.

In 2008 a friend asked me to photograph a home he built that wasn’t selling. This is the day when Showcase Photography and my true passion began. Since it’s inception the goal with Showcase Photography has been to stay on the cutting edge of technology and constantly strive to offer the best quality of marketing materials. 

In 2012 I entered into the Video Production market which came with huge learning curves. The road was a long and tough one but I pushed on and to this day offer the highest quality property videos available in the Okanagan with over 1100 videos to date.  The addition of Aerial Photography and Video came in late 2015.

Today the business has expanded from the Real Estate market into working with Luxury Home Builders, Developers, Air BnB and VRBO clients plus Interior Designers and Home Stagers. I invite you to take a look at some of the work I’ve been privileged to create for clients with nearly a decade of service. If you have any questions or would like to book a shoot, I look forward to speaking with you. 



Get in touch and let us know what, when and where you’d like us to shoot. Then we can go over the details, develop a detailed quote, and schedule the shoot.


Our process involves greeting the homes occupant and putting their mind at ease and instructing them of any last minute preparations needed.


Back in the office, we edit all images same day unless discussed in advance.


Speedy turnaround is a priority. We also want every job to get its TLC. Our goal is to deliver images within 24 hours; if longer, we'll let you know before booking.


You should hear what our customers are saying! We’re proud of the work we’ve done, and we appreciate the testimonials that our customers take the time to give.

«I thought you may enjoy seeing our pre-Showcase Photography photos from the early days. The sad thing is our clients actually complemented us on a lot of these. Our personal favourites would be… (undisclosed properties) Now, lets take the approx $1500 we spent on camera equipment and consider professional photos would have cost about $1800 for these listings, total. A whopping savings of $300… divide that by the number of hours we spent between shooting and editing (further ruining) the photos and we were valuing our time at a whopping $7/hr… I should have gotten a second job at McDonald’s and hired you to do the photos!»

«Professional, creative and perfectly polished! We love working with Matt for all our real estate photography and video needs. He’s efficient, produces quality work and our clients are always happy with the results. Thanks Showcase Photography!»

«We have been working with Matt of Showcase Photography for several years now and would highly recommend him to anyone for the photography or video needs.  He is prompt, courteous and professional in all his dealings and has a real eye for shooting real estate in the best light possible. Whether it is a 900 square foot condo or large single family home with stunning lake views Matt’s work never disappoints and helps get our clients homes sold quickly and for top dollar!»

«Showcase Photography has been providing our team with professional Real Estate Photography, Video and Aerial Photography since 2007.  His work ethic has been an asset to our group.  A quick turn around is essential to this process and they have delivered every time. www.davedomeijkelownarealestate.com»


What do you do differently than your competitors?


The answer is simple. We have 10 years of experience specializing in interiors photography. Combine that with a keen eye for attention to detail and a vast knowledge of software, hardware and what clients are looking for provides a truly professional result every time

How much do you charge for a photo shoot?


Cost depends on the project and how many images are required. Travel time can also play a role. If you contact us and let us know about your project, we’ll be happy to give you the best price for the best quality imagery.

How long after a shoot will it take to get my images?


The answer….For Real Estate shoots, always within 24 hours guaranteed unless otherwise discussed. 

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